Pamela Manson Artist


Paintings of Donegal  Ireland

Quote 'Pamela Manson is a master painter of the mood and atmosphere of our precious bogland.

With an eloquence born out of passion, she combines a sumptuous palette of ochres and umbers with a robust painterly style to produce these noble paintings of our ancient land.

Manson has become a member of The Art Society of Ulster and has exhibited her work at The Waterfront Hall in Belfast. She has also shown at New Artist Fair 2012 in London.

Her work is highly sought after and is receiving due recognition as it continues to move into Public and Private collections here in Ireland as well as in Europe and United States.' Unquote Ross Fine Art. 2012


Martin Newman Art Critic Mirror Newspapers.

Manson's Bit of the Bru is a well-arranged, colourful and skilfully

painted work that will appeal to a wide-range of people, with its

country setting. The woolly coat of the slightly humorous, startled,

sheep might easily be one of the clouds scurrying past on a windy day.

At first glance there doesn't seem anything particularly exceptional

about the scene, but the artist has taken this everyday vista and

presented it in a subtly harmonious way. Earth, sky and animal

combine in an integrated swirl of brushwork. It appears effortless,

but show's the hand of an artist who understands her craft and knows

what she's doing."

bit of the bru (480x640)

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